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  The most important to earn money online is... to have an Internet connection.

   Here is how it works: 
1. Click the ads everyday 
    ( If possible do it the same time as yesterday )
2. Use your balance to rent referrals... 
    After a few days you should check which referrals are active, extend them and replace or             recycle the non active referrals with new ones, you must only have active referrals.
3. Promote your referral link on traffic exchanges to get direct referrals 
   The biggest benefit of direct referrals is that they are free. You have to work to find them but   once they signed up through your referral link they can only make you money. 
   Even if you're not sure this is right for you, just sign up and try it for a while.
   If you don't like it you can delete your account at any time.

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                                                   AyuWage:     Earn .02 per ads for free members 
                                                   ClixSense:     Earn .01 per ads for free members 

                                                                                 UseClix:   Earn .01 per ads for free members
                                                   BuxVertise  Earn .01 per ads for free members   
                                                   ScarletClicks    Earn .01 per ads for free members   
                         AdzBazar    Earn .01 per ads for free members 

                                                             Clixten        Earn .01 per ads for free members 

                                                            Adfiver     Earn .02 per ads for free members 

You must join these PTC Sites ( Paid To Click ), banners above or below and perform the tasks of viewing their Ads everyday to generate real money and more income on Internet. If possible do your task the same time what you did yesterday to be qualified more ads to be viewed tomorrow. Earn Online With Zero Investment If you are a beginner on the Paid To Click ( PTC ) world, you should read the following strategy. Without any strategy or knowledge, you can earn just several cents per day. Please keep in mind that except clicking ads you can make money by paid surveys, mini job, earn point by doing some task etc on these web sites. I posted best PTC website links below and above, you can work on one or on all links. its up to your time management.The strategy will be same for all website. First, understand the strategy and then you can apply this to all websites. Also note that PTC (paid to click) is a patience game. You can not be rich in a minute. Go with the flow and time.
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